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 27th MARCH - 1st APRIL 2011 
 The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is a large 
 open international community of network designers, 
 operators, vendors, and researchers concerned with 
 the evolution of the Internet architecture and the 
 smooth operation of the Internet. 
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Social event

The IETF 80 social event, hosted by CZ.NIC, will take place on Tuesday, 29 March, 2011, in the Municipal House. You will have possibility to survey very beautiful Art Nouveau building in the heart of Prague. As a contrast of a historical building you will be treated to a very modern performance of La Putyka. You will also have a possibility to taste variations of Czech cusine.

Additional information for beer lovers: "You will find a beer here, even during the La Putyka performance."

The price of the ticket is $ 35 p.p. To purchase a ticket, click here.

You must first register for IETF 80 to purchase a social ticket.

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Prague Muncipal House

The Muncipal House (Obecní dům) is located in the very centre of Prague, directly neighbouring the Powder Gate (Prašná brána). For more information visit the website.
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La Putyka

La Putyka combines acrobatics, dance, puppets and sport in an original perspective of new circus. For more information read this or visit La putyka website (in czech).